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Muji, Bentall's Centre

Muji Unit F3 (located on the first floor) The Bentall Centre Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey KT1 1TP

Tel: +44 [0]20 8974 8741

Homeware, Fashion, Stationery & Furniture

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About Muji

Muji products came into being in the early 1980’s as a result of a new mood, calling for a return to simplicity in daily life. Their aim is to provide their customers all over the world with the fundamental things they need to live a busy, modern, urban lifestyle. These things must be made from good, sound materials, with no unnecessary frills or fancies and must sell at a reasonable price. Their clothes must feel good on, their stationery must be practical and their household goods must be easy to use. Their products are simple yet sophisticated, functional, reasonably priced and universally appealing.

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