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Polarn O. Pyret, Bentall's Centre

Polarn O. Pyret
Unit F20a (located on the first floor)
The Bentall Centre
Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey

Tel: +44 [0]20 8549 0515

Children's Fashion

Polarn O. Pyret official website:

About Polarn O. Pyret

From humble beginnings in Stockholm in 1976 with a striped jersey and a desire to make better clothes for children, Polarn O. Pyret are now a company with over 110 stores across Sweden and Europe. Polarn O. Pyret has a simple concept: children need clothes they can play in. This means good looking clothes that make life easier, that can withstand wear and tear and can be handed down from brother to sister, contemporary classics, loved favourites and the greatest stripe in the world. What’s best for children is usually good for adults too. It may seem obvious, but their belief that both boys and girls need good fit and function makes them unique. Their aim is to make the world’s best jacket, knee sock, t-shirt and sun hat. Who wears what – and what colours – is up to the consumer. But both boys and girls need good looking clothes that are strong and versatile. Look for their ECO label if you want to buy organic clothing. This guarantees that the garment is made from 100% organic cotton.

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