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Wimbledon Tennis Tickets

Demand for Wimbledon tickets has, for many decades, exceeded supply. Despite increasing pressure to the contrary, the Wimbledon Club has always endeavoured to retain a significant number of tickets for the general public.

Buying Wimbledon tickets on the day of play

A limited number of Wimbledon tickets are retained for sale on the day of play to those people queuing at the Ground.

For a ground pass, it is usually necessary to join the queue several hours before the grounds open. For a show court ticket, many people choose to queue overnight to maximise their chances of being able to purchase a ticket for Centre, No.1 or No.2 Court.

Wristbands, marked by court and with a detachable 'court' tally, will be offered to queuers according to the number of show court tickets available. On reaching the entrance kiosk, the tally must be detached and handed to the cashier who will issue one ticket for the court on the tally.

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