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Canada is a country occupying northern North America, bounded to the south by the continental United States , northwest by Alaska (USA), east by the Atlantic Ocean and west by the Pacific Ocean.  Canada extends through the Arctic Ocean to the North Pole, making it the northernmost country in the world.  Canada is the second largest country in area, after Russia.

Canada is a federation of ten provinces and three territories. Initially constituted through the British North America Act of 1867, it is governed as a parliamentary democracy with Queen Elizabeth II as head of state, represented by a Governor General.

Canada's official languages are English and French. The capital city is Ottawa and the largest city is Toronto .

Canada Time Zones Map

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TorontoWinnipegEdmontonVancouverHalifaxSt Johns

In Canada, Time Zones and Daylight Saving Time usually have been regulated by Canadian provincial and territorial governments.  Exceptions may exist in certain Canadian municipalities.

Clocks in Canada are turned forward by one hour on the second Sunday in March and turned back on the first Sunday of November.

abbrCanadian Province / TerritoryStandardDST
ABAlberta, CanadaGMT-7GMT-6
BCBritish Columbia , Canada (most)GMT-8GMT-7
MBManitoba , CanadaGMT-6GMT-5
NBNew Brunswick , CanadaGMT-4GMT-3
NFNewfoundland , CanadaGMT-3:30GMT-2:30
NTNorthwest Territories , CanadaGMT-7GMT-6
NSNova Scotia , CanadaGMT-4GMT-3
NUNunavut , Canada (Mountain)GMT-7GMT-6
NUNunavut , Canada (Central)GMT-6GMT-5
NUNunavut , Canada (Eastern)GMT-5GMT-4
ONOntario , Canada (E)GMT-5GMT-4
ONOntario , Canada (W)GMT-6GMT-5
PEPrince Edward Island , CanadaGMT-4GMT-3
QCQuébec , CanadaGMT-5GMT-4
QCQuébec , Canada (E)GMT-4NA
SKSaskatchewan , CanadaGMT-6NA
SKSaskatchewan , Canada (Lloydminster)GMT-7GMT-6
YTYukon , CanadaGMT-8GMT-7

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