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Canada Time Zones

Canada spans 6 time zones.  It shares the main four time zones with the USA ( Eastern Time , Central Time , Mountain Time and Pacific Time ).

Canada Time Zones

The Atlantic coastal provinces use Atlantic Time Zone and Newfoundland has its own Time Zone.

Time Zones and Daylight Saving Time have usually been regulated by the Canadian provincial and territorial governments.  Exceptions may exist in certain Canadian municipalities.

Clocks in Canada are turned forward by one hour on the second Sunday in March and turned back on the first Sunday of November.

USA & Canada clocks are now on


  • Daylight saving start: Sunday 12 March 2017  02:00 local time. Clocks go forward one hour.
  • Daylight saving end: Sunday 5 November 2017  02:00 local time. Clocks go back one hour.

USA and Canada past and future DST schedules here

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