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Towns & cities in Greenland

What are the major towns & cities of Greenland?

Place Administrative Division Latitude Longitude
Nuuk Nuuk 64.18°N 51.73°W
Sisimiut Sisimiut 66.93°N 53.68°W
Ilulissat Ilulissat 69.21°N 51.11°W
Aasiaat Aasiaat 68.71°N 52.85°W
Qaqortoq Qaqortoq 60.72°N 46.04°W
Maniitsoq Maniitsoq 65.43°N 52.93°W
Paamiut Paamiut 61.99°N 49.67°W
Tasiilaq Ammassalik 65.61°N 37.69°W
Narsaq Narsaq 77.30°N 68.88°W
Nanortalik Nanortalik 60.15°N 45.27°W
Qasigiannguit Qasigiannguit 68.83°N 51.21°W
Uummannaq Uummannaq 70.69°N 52.17°W
Upernavik Upernavik 72.79°N 56.15°W
Qeqertarsuaq Qeqertarsuaq 62.12°N 49.78°W
Kangaatsiaq Kangaatsiaq 68.30°N 53.48°W
Qaanaaq Qaanaaq 77.48°N 69.36°W
Alluitsup Paa Nanortalik 60.47°N 45.58°W
Illoqqortoormiut Illoqqortoormiut 70.48°N 21.97°W
Kangerlussuaq Sisimiut 67.00°N 50.69°W
Kangaamiut Maniitsoq 65.84°N 53.35°W

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