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Izhevsk, Russia

View Larger Map Izhevsk (Иже́вск) Udmurt: Иж, Ижкар, I�, I�kar from 1984 to 1987: Ustinov, Усти́нов, after Dmitry Ustinov) is the capital city of the Udmurt Republic, Russia, located on the Izh River in the Western Urals area. It is served by Izhevsk Airport. Izhevsk International Airport Izhevsk Airport (Аэропорт Ижевск) (International Airport Code: IJK) is an airport in Udmurtia, Russia located 15 km (10 miles) E of Izhevsk. Izhevsk Sunrise / Sunset and Moon Times Izhevsk Weather

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