Towns & cities in Argentina

What are the major towns & cities of Argentina?

Administrative divisions and coordinates

Place Administrative Division Latitude Longitude
Buenos Aires Distrito Federal / Buenos Aires 34.61°S 58.37°W
San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca Catamarca 28.28°S 65.47°W
Córdoba Córdoba 31.40°S 64.19°W
San Salvador de Jujuy Jujuy 24.11°S 65.18°W
La Plata Buenos Aires 34.92°S 57.96°W
La Rioja La Rioja 29.26°S 66.51°W
Mar del Plata Buenos Aires 38.00°S 57.58°W
Mendoza Mendoza 32.89°S 68.83°W
Río Gallegos Santa Cruz 51.38°S 69.13°W
Rosario Santa Fé 32.94°S 60.67°W
Salta Salta 24.47°S 65.25°W
San Juan San Juan 31.32°S 68.31°W
San Luis San Luis 33.19°S 66.21°W
Santa Fé Santa Fé 31.60°S 60.69°W
Tucumán Tucumán 26.83°S 65.22°W
Ushuaia Tierra del Fuego 54.48°S 68.18°W

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