Distrito Federal

Brazilian Distrito Federal

State Capital City: Brasilia

State Abbreviation: DF

Distrito Federal is The Federal District (Portuguese: DistritoFederal ).  In its territory is located the federal capital, Brasília.#27 on map.

Was founded on April 21, 1960. Located in a region called Planalto Central,or Central Plateau, the Federal District is divided in 30 administrativeregions. Brasilia - The seat of the three branches of the Federal Government ofBrazil (Legislative, Executive and Judiciary) - is the main attraction of thisdry area, whose climate has only two seasons. During the dry season (winter),the humidity can reach critical levels, mainly in the peak hours of the hottestdays.

The civil government was transferred from Rio de Janeiro's Catete Palace toBrasília on April 21, 1960.

The capital is a thoroughly planned city with designated areas for residence,businesses, schools, churches, etc.  No streets have names, but areidentified instead by letters and numbers arranged in a geographical systemaccording to blocs (Q-Quadras) and sectors (S-Setor e.g.: SB - Setor Bancario or"Bank Section").  Originally built for up to one million inhabitants, thecity now has more than twice that number.

What is the current time in Distrito Federal now?

Official state website: www.df.gov.br (Portuguese)

Public Holidays - 2021
01/01/2021New Year's Day
02/15/2021Shrove Monday
02/16/2021Shrove Tuesday
04/02/2021Good Friday
05/01/2021Labor Day
06/03/2021Feast of Corpus Christi
09/07/2021Independence Day
10/12/2021Our Lady of Aparecida
11/02/2021Day of the Dead
11/15/2021Proclamation of the Republic
12/25/2021Christmas Day

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