Espírito Santo

Brazilian State of Espírito Santo

State Capital City: Vitória

State Abbreviation: ES

Espírito Santo is in SE Brazil.   #7 on map.

Its capital is Vitória and the largest city is Vila Velha.

The name of the state means literally "holy spirit" after the Holy Ghost ofChristianity. With an extensive coastline (40% of the territory is on thecoast), the state has some of Brazil's main ports but the beaches are thebest tourist attractions. Vitória, the capital, is on an island, next to Guarapari, well known by its sands.

In the extreme north is the Itaúnas part of the municipality of Conceição daBarra, whose sand dunes and forró are famous. Also on the coast, the typicalgastronomy is another attraction with the moquecas capixabas and many fruitsfrom the ocean and seafood.

What is the current time in Espírito Santo now?

Largest cities in Espírito Santo

Vila Velha, Serra, Vitória ,Cariacica

Official state website: (Portuguese)

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