Rio Grande do Norte

Brazilian State of Rio Grande do Norte

State Capital City: Natal

State Abbreviation: RN

Rio Grande do Norte is one of the states of Brazil.  #19 on map.

Rio Grande do Norte (lit. "Great Northern River", in reference to the mouthof the Potengi River) is one of the states of Brazil, located in the NE regionof the country.  Because of its geographic position, Rio Grande do Nortehas a strategic importance.

The capital and largest city is Natal.

Its 410 km (254 mi) of sand, much sun, coconut palms and lagoons areresponsible for the fame of beaches. Rocas Atoll, the only such feature in theAtlantic Ocean, is part of the state. The main economic activity is tourism,followed by the extraction of petroleum (the second largest producer in thecountry), agriculture, fruit growing and extraction of minerals, includingconsiderable production of sea salt, among other economic activities.

The state is famous for having many popular attractions such as thefamous beaches of Ponta Negra, Maracajaú and Pipa's paradise, the Carnatal thelargest off-season carnival in Brazil, the Forte dos Reis Magos is a medievalfortress, the hills and mountains of Martins, the Dunas Park the second largesturban park in the country, and several other attractions.

The state is also closest to the archipelago of Fernando de Noronha .

What is the current time in Rio Grande do Norte now?

Google Map of Rio Grande do Norte

Largest cities in Rio Grande do Norte

Natal , Mossoró

Official state website: (Portuguese)

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