Rio Grande do Sul

Brazilian State of Rio Grande do Sul

State Capital City: Porto Alegre

State Abbreviation: RS

Rio Grande do Sul is (lit. "Great Southern River") is the southernmoststate in Brazil.  #20 on map.

In this state is located the southernmost city in thecountry, Chuí, on the border with Uruguay. In the region of Bento Gonçalves andCaxias do Sul, the largest wine producing center in Brazil, the attraction isItalian gastronomy.  Besides the European influence, the gaúchos, orinhabitants of Rio Grande do Sul, strongly cultivate the traditions of thePampas, region of the border with Uruguay and Argentina, such as drinking mate(known as chimarrão drunk in special gourd cups), eating the typical barbecue,known as churrasco, and the traditional clothes are the bombachas (baggytrousers), boots and large hats.

What is the current time in Rio Grande do Sul now?

Google Map of Rio Grande do Sul

Largest cities in Rio Grande do Sul

Caxias do Sul, Porto Alegre , Pelotas,Canoas, Novo Hamburgo, Viamão, Santa Maria, Gravataí

Official state website: (Portuguese)

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