Brazilian State of Rondônia

State Capital City: Porto Velho

State Abbreviation: RO

Rondônia is a state in Brazil, located in the NW part of the country.To the west is a short border with the state of Acre , tothe north is the state of Amazonas , in the east is Mato Grosso and to the south is Bolivia.  #21on map.

Its capital is Porto Velho. The state was named after Candido Rondon .

A boat ride on the Rio Madeira where one can appreciate the forest of100-year old trees and such fauna as exotic birds is one of the best attractionsof the state. Two-thirds of its area is covered by the Amazon Rainforest. Otherattractions are the Chapada dos Parecis and the Serra do Pacaás, a nationalpark, and the capital, Porto Velho, which is simple and with few buildings..

What is the current time in Rondônia now?

Google Map of Rondônia

Official state website: (Portuguese)

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