Brazilian State of Tocantins

State Capital City: Palmas

State Abbreviation: TO

Tocantins one of the states of Brazil.  #26 on map.

The state was formed in 1988out of the northern part of Goiás, and construction began on the capital,Palmas, in 1989, in contrast to most of the other cities in the state which dateback to the Portuguese colonial period. It is the newest Brazilian state and,because it is still very young, it is developing slowly, building on its mostimportant resources: the rivers Araguaia and Tocantins, the largest hydro basinentirely inside Brazilian territory. Because it is in the central zone of thecountry, it has characteristics of the Amazon, but also has open pastures.

The Ilha do Bananal , in the SW of the State, is the largest fluvial island inthe world. Tocantins is also home to the Araguaia National Park and the CarajásIndian reservations.  Another highlight is the Jalapão, about 250 km fromthe capital, Palmas.  There, the rivers create true oases in the drylandscape, attracting many ecotourists to the region.

What is the current time in Tocantins now?


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