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Amazon Summer Time

The time in Brazil is determined at state level. Amazon Summer Time (AMST) is only used in Mato Gross o & Mato Grosso do Sul .  The remaining states remain on Amazon Standard Time ( AMT ) all year.

What is the time in Amazon Summer Time Zone?

Brazil - Amazon Time (with DST) - Mato Grosso , Mato Grosso do Sul

Clock showing current time now in  Cuiaba, Brazil Time Zone

Standard Time: AMT = GMT-4
Daylight Saving Time: AMST = GMT-3

When is Summer Time in effect?

Summer (daylight saving) time is in effect from midnight of the 3rd Sunday of October each year, until midnight of the 3rd Sunday of February the following year.

When there is a coincidence between the Sunday for the scheduled end of daylight saving time and Carnival Sunday, the end of summer time is moved to the following Sunday.

Amazon Summer Time
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