Brasilia Standard Time

BRT - Brasilia Time Zone

The time in most of Brazil visited byforeign tourists is Brasília Time (BRT) which is 3 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time ( GMT-3 ).  This is trueof Rio de Janeiro , São Paulo , Brasilia , Bahia, Minas Gerais etc.

Time in Brazil is determined at state level.  Some stateson BRT adopt Summer Time ( BRST ), others do not.

What is the current time inBrasilia Time Zone?

Brazil - Brasília Time (without DST) - Alagoas , Amapá , Ceará , Maranhão , Pará , Paraíba , Pernambuco , Piauí , Rio Grande do Norte , Rondônia , Sergipe , Tocantins

Standard Time:BRT = GMT-3
Does not operate Daylight SavingTime

Brazil - Brasília Time (with DST) - Bahia , Brasilia , Espírito Santo , Goiás , Minas Gerais , Paraná , Rio de Janeiro , Rio Grande do Sul , Santa Catarina , São Paulo

Standard Time: BRT= GMT-3
Daylight SavingTime: BRST = GMT-2

DoesBrazil observe Daylight Saving Time?

In populous Brazil Summer Time comes into effect during aperiod and districts determined annually.  During the period ofDaylight Saving Time, Brazil's clocks go forward one hour in most of theBrazilian southeast.

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