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Where is Brazil?

Brazil is in Eastern South America, bordering the Atlantic Ocean.

What is the Capital of Brazil?

Brasilia , Brazil.

What is the official language of Brazil?

The official language of Brazil is Portuguese.

When are the Public Holidays in Brazil?

Independence Day, 7 September (1822).

What is the flag of Brazil?

Green with a large yellow diamond in the centre bearing a blue celestial globe with 27 white five-pointed stars (one for each state and the Federal District) arranged in the same pattern as the night sky over Brazil; the globe has a white equatorial band with the motto ORDEM E PROGRESSO (Order and Progress).

Brazil Travel Tips


Brazil has a "reciprocal visa policy," which means that it requires visas of citizens from countries that require visas of Brazilians. Americans, Canadians, Australians, and New Zealand citizens all need visas (UK citizens do not) which can be obtained by applying at Brazilian embassies and consulates. Visas are valid up to 90 days before your arrival, then another 90 once you have arrived. If your visa expires while you are there, you can renew it for another 90 days.


Brazil requires all visitors to be vaccinated for yellow fever.


The Brazilian currency is the Real. The exchange rate is approximately 1.15 reales to the dollar.


Portuguese is Brazil's native language


It is recommended that visitors drink bottled water


Shops and most offices are open Monday through Friday from 9 am. to 6 p.m. and from 9 am to 1pm on Saturday. Banks are open on Monday through Friday from 10am to 4:00pm. Most shopping centers and malls remain open until 10pm. Many pharmacies and small stores are also open on Sunday.

Time Zones

There are four time zones in Brazil.

Electric Current

110 or 120 volts

Basic words and phrases in Brazilian Portuguese

English Portuguese
Yes Sim
No Não
Good morning bom dia, bons dias
Good Afternoon boa tarde, boas tardes
Good Evening boa noite, boas noites
Thank you obrigado
Goodbye Adeus, Tchau
I Eu
We Nós
You(Singular) Você, Tu,
O senhor (m), A senhora (f)
You(Plural) Vocês
They Eles(m), Elas (f)
How are you? Como vai?,
como está? or
como você está passando?
I don't understand Eu não entendo
Do you have ... ? Você tem ... ?
Do you speak ... ? Você fala ... ?
Does anyone here speak ... ? Há alguém aqui que fala ... ?
English Inglês
French Francês
German Alemão
Spanish Espanhol
Chinese Chinês
How much does this cost? Quanto custa isto?
Do you accept credit cards? Você aceita cartões de crédito?
Have a nice day ! Que tenha um bom dia!

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