Modesto Airport

Modesto City - County Airport, Modesto, CA, USA

Originally, the airport was named Modesto Municipal Airport; and on May 25 1955 when Stanislaus County and the City of Modesto became partners in the airport, the airport was renamed Modesto City-County Airport.  In October 1974, Harry Sham Field was added to the name to honour the airport manager that served between 1949 and 1968.  During World War II, Modesto Airport was used as a military auxiliary air base to train U.S. Air Corps pilots.

Modesto City - County Airport was first opened for general aviation operationsin 1929.   At first the airport located southeast of downtown Modesto was only82 acres; but over the years, it grew to its present size of 450 acres.  Theairport started with only a single runway, but a second runway was added in the1950’s.

Air carrier service was first offered to the community in 1946 when United Airlines opened its newly constructed terminal and began the Valley Queen service.  Since 1946, Modesto has had continuous air service.  United Airlines provided service with either DC-3s or B-737s until 1978 when the airline industry was deregulated.  Since 1978, Modesto has had regional air carrier’s service to San Francisco bay area airports.  Still today, United Airlines presence is in the community, as their United Express partner SkyWest Airlines offers daily service to SFO where a passenger can make a connection to their final destination.

On October 12, 1991, the Modesto City Council and Stanislaus Board of Supervisors rededicated the remodelled passenger terminal that was enlarged to 8,900 square feet.  The remodelling project upgraded the building originally built by United Airlines.

In the 1990’s, corporate and business aviation became the fastest growingsegment of activity for the airport.  Corporate jets provide their owners withconvenient point-to-point service. 

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