Airports in Washington DC

There are 2 major airports that service Washington DC: Ronald ReaganWashington National Airport and Washington DullesInternational airport .  These airports are operated by the Metropolitan Washington AirportsAuthority.

The Airports Authority is an independent interstate agency created by theCommonwealth of Virginia and the District of Columbia with the consent of theUnited States Congress in 1987 for the purpose of operating both airports undera lease that extends to the year 2067.

Day-to-day operation and management of the Airports Authority isthe responsibility of the President/Chief Executive Officer. Dulles and NationalAirports are self-supporting with operations funded through revenues derivedfrom concessions, aircraft landing fees, space rental, and utilities sales. TheCapital Construction Program aimed at improving both airports is financedthrough the sale of revenue bonds and, in some part, through federal and stategrant programs.

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