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New Orleans Top Tourist Attractions

The French Quarter was the city'soriginal focal point and remains its chief tourist draw.


The French Quarter

TheQuarter is not just another tourist destination. It is the blending of people,architecture and the soul of the city that makes visitors want to come back yearafter year. From the sounds of jazz floating on the sultry air down BourbonStreet to the sights of lush and serene hidden courtyards peeking throughwrought iron gates; from the scents of Magnolia and Jasmine perfuming the air tothe tastes of some of the world's finest restaurants - the French Quarter offers"/assets/static/unforgettable and endless experiences to the traveller.

The French Quarter is the only intact French Colonial and Spanish settlementremaining in the United States. It has been a continuous residentialneighbourhood since 1718.

Louis Armstrong

New Orleans Jazz Exhibit impartsa clear sense of how jazz evolved - from its roots in the rhythms brought byAfrican slaves to recent Jazz Fest performances.

VoodooSpiritual Temple

One meaning assigned to voodoo, 'being in a trance,' is in partderived from the lack of proper burial for slaves, which was believed to resultin restless souls or the walking dead, also called zombies or plat-eyes. In NewOrleans, the spirits of deceased ancestors are carefully protected throughcommon rituals such as jazz funerals, featuring brassy bands and a 'second line'of parades in top hats and umbrellas.

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