Numbering of Avenues in Manhattan, New York City, USA

Street and Avenue numbering in Manhattan, New York City

The street layout of Manhattan north of the business district is in a grid layout.  The main avenues are numbered 1 - 11 with 1st being on the East Side starting at the East River / United Nations.

The central avenue is the world-famous Fifth Avenue(5th Avenue).  All streets to the East of Fifth Avenue are know as nn East xx Street (e.g. 40 East 47th Street) whilst streets to the west of Fifth Avenue are styled nn West xx Street (e.g. 40 West 47th Street). 

Avenues run south to north and streets run east to west.  The Avenues are very long, some stretching over 100 blocks.  The numbering of these buildings is not consistent and on some avenues the numbering stops and restarts.

Some Avenues have alternative names:

Fourth Avenue is now mostly Lexington Avenue, Park Avenue and Madison Avenue

Why is the there no 4th Avenue in Manhattan?

Sixth Avenue - Avenue of the Americas

Seventh Avenue - Fashion Avenue

Eighth Avenue - Central Park West

Ninth - Columbus Avenue

Tenth - Amsterdam Avenue

Eleventh - West End Avenue

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