Instant time conversion between world locations

View the difference between local time and GMT/UTC

GMT is both a time zone and the reference point for the Prime Meridian

Everyone's local time is just a glance away, whether it is on a digital device or displayed by traditional timepiece, a clock or a watch.

Not everyone lives in the same time zone though, so local times differ.

The difference between time observed in a certain time zone and GMT is also called offset.

Looking for current time in a particular place?

Find out what why the Prime Meridian is so important for the time zone structure.

World Time Explorer

Click on a continent or region to reveal the countries, then choose one to view current time and useful facts such as capital city and public holidays.

  • The United Kingdom uses GMT only during winter months and British Summer Time (BST) during summer months

  • British Summer Time is in its way unique, not just because of its name. As it happens quite often, scientific facts provide surprising insights

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