Western Sahara

Full Name: Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic

Western Sahara flag

Capital city: El Aaiún

Approximate Area of Western Sahara: 266,000 km²

Current Time in Western Sahara Time Zones

TZLaayoune10:54 AM +01:0024/06
10:54 am
12:00 | 12:00

Sahrawi Currency

Map of Western Sahara

Latitude and Longitude: 24º 30′ 0.00″ N, 13º 0′ 0.00″ W

Countries bordering Western Sahara
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Western Sahara Public Holidays - 2021
02/27/2021Independence Day
05/10/2021Foundation of the Polisario Front
05/12/2021Festival of Breaking the Fast
05/20/2021May 20 Revolution
06/05/2021Day of the Disappeared
06/09/2021Day of the Martyrs'
06/17/2021Zemla Intifada
07/19/2021Feast of the Sacrifice
10/12/2021Day of National Unity
10/18/2021Birth of the Prophet