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Ancient calendars were tied to nature, following day length

The zodiacal system was constructed to suit the needs of agriculture. Helping plan and organise community activity throughout the year.

Current zodiac place

BodyZodiac signDegreeMinute
Sun{{sun_zoo}} {{sun_deg}}°{{sun_min}}′

The timepiece below tracks the progress of the sun throughout the year. Visit at a later date to see its new position.

Equinox and Solstice dates 2010-2019 Sun Time Journey of the year

Things to note

We've detected that you are visiting from the Northern hemisphere, therefore lookout for the following astrological events:

  • Spring Equinox: sun in zero degrees Aries
  • Summer Solstice: sun in zero degrees Cancer
  • Autumn Equinox: sun in zero degrees Libra
  • Winter Solstice: sun in zero degrees Capricorn

Each zodiac sign spans 30° of celestial longitude.

Alternative solar timepiece

Where is it exactly midday right now on Planet Earth? Visit Globe Time

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