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Cricket Clock

The Greenwich Mean Time Cricket Clock shows you, at a glance, what the current time is at Test Match grounds around the world. Quickly check the local time at the match you are watching, or use the Cricket Clock to plan ahead and ensure that you never miss the start of play again. Times are updated whilst you watch, so no need to refresh if you are waiting for the start of coverage.

The Cricket Clock - the time now at every test ground | Greenwich Mean Time

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To install a convenient desktop icon for this timepiece, you will need to leave the current page and visit the full-screen page below. Before you do, please read the following installation instructions:


1. When you are on the full screen cricket clock page, click the apple share icon at the top right of your device display:

2. Then click the Add to Home Screen button.

Android (since M31)

1. When you are on the full screen page, click the menu button.

2. Choose option: Add to Home screen

When you have read and understood the instructions above, touch here: Full screen

The application icon will now appear on your desktop. Like other installed applications, you will be now able to touch the icon to open the clock. Note that you will need to have an active internet connection.

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