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Moon Clock

Moonphase Timepiece

Touch the button above to toggle between showing approximate number of days remaining until full and new moon phases, and precise times, in your local timezone.

How many days since the last new moon? How long until the next full and new moon?

In  paper calendars, every day still has a small icon in the right or left-hand corner. It represents the phase of the moon for each day, and this waxing and waning accompanies the passing of time, in a continuous cycle that restarts roughly every 29 days.

The Moon Clock you see above shows you, at each visit, how many days until the next full moon and how many remain until the new moon reappears.

The number inside the circle shows the number of days elapsed since the last new moon.

Read more at Introduction to Lunar Calendars and Lunar New Year Dates.

Would you like to install a web app bookmark for iOS?

To install a convenient desktop icon for this clock, you will need to leave the current page and visit the full-screen page below. Before you do, please read the following installation instructions:

1. When you are on the full screen moon clock page, find and click the apple share icon: 

2. Then click the Add to Home Screen button.

The application icon for the Moon Clock will now appear on your desktop. Like your other installed applications, you will be now able to touch the icon to open the clock. Note that you will need to have an active internet connection.

When you have read and understood the instructions above, touch here:  Full screen moon clock

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