Towns & cities in England

List of important towns and cities by administrative division

Locality latitude and longitude

PlaceAdministrative DivisionLatitudeLongitude
London England 51.52°N0.10°W
Birmingham England 52.48°N1.91°W
Liverpool England 53.42°N2.99°W
Sheffield England 53.39°N1.48°W
Leeds England 53.81°N1.55°W
Bristol England 51.46°N2.60°W
Manchester England 53.48°N2.25°W
Leicester England 52.64°N1.13°W
Kingston upon Hull (Hull) England 53.75°N0.36°W
Coventry England 52.42°N1.50°W
Bradford England 53.80°N1.75°W
Nottingham England 52.97°N1.18°W
Stoke-on-Trent England 53.01°N2.19°W
Wolverhampton England 52.59°N2.15°W
Plymouth England 50.38°N4.16°W
Derby England 52.92°N1.50°W

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