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Cheshire, England

Time now in Cheshire, England

Current daylight saving dates for Europe

European clocks are now on:


  • Standard Time began: Sunday 28 October 2018  01:00 GMT. Clocks went back one hour.
  • Standard Time ends: Sunday 31 March 2019  01:00 GMT. Clocks go forward one hour.

UK and Europe Clock Change Rules

Towns and Villages of Cheshire, England

Abbotts Mead, Ackers Crossing, Acre Nook, Acton, Acton Bridge, Acton Grange, Actoncliff, Adders Moss, Adlington, Agden, Agden Brow, Alderley Edge, Aldersey, Aldford, Allgreave, Allmeadows, Allostock, Alpraham, Alsager, Alvanley, Alvaston, Anderton With Marbury, Ankers Knowl, Antrobus, Appleton, Appleton Cross, Arbury, Arclid, Arley, Arley Green, Arley Moss, Arthill, Artlebrook, Ashbank, Ashbrook, Ashley, Ashley Heath, Ashton, Ashton Hayes, Ashtons Cross, Astbury Marsh, Astle, Astmoor, Aston, Aston by Budworth, Aston Grange, Aston Heath, Aston Juxta Mondrum, Audlem, Austerson, Austin Hill, Bache, Backford, Backford Cross, Baddiley, Baddiley Hulse, Baddington, Badgersrake, Bagbrook, Bagmere, Baguley Green, Balderton, Ball O'Ditton, Ballsgate, Balmoral Park, Balterley Green, Bank Quay, Bankhead, Bankhey, Bankyfields, Barbridge, Barhill, Barkers Hollow, Barmere, Barnes Brow, Barnett Brook, Barnhill, Barnshaw, Barnton, Barrets Green, Barrow, Barrows Green, Barthomley, Bartington, Barton, Barton Wells, Basford, Bate Heath, Bate Mill, Bates Bridge, Bath Vale, Batherton, Bawbrook, Beach Hill, Beaconhurst, Beambridge, Beauty Bank, Beeston, Beeston Brook, Beeston Gate, Beeston Moss, Belgrave, Bell O' Th' Hill, Belle Vue, Bellemont, Belmont, Bent Lane End, Benty Heys, Berristall, Betchton, Bewsey, Bewsey Estate, Bexton, Bickerton, Bickley, Bickley Moss, Bickley Town, Bickley Wood, Big Stone, Billinge Green, Birch Heath, Birch Hill, Birchall Moss, Birchdale, Birchencliffe, Birches, Birchwood, Birkinheath, Birtles, Black Firs, Black Hatch, Blackbrook, Blackden, Blackden Heath, Blacon, Blakeden, Blakelees, Blakelow, Blakemere, Blakenhall, Bluestone, Boarded Barn, Bolesworth, Bollinfee, Bollington, Bollington Cross, Booth Bed, Booth Dale, Booth Green, Boothbank, Boothlane Head, Booths, Boots Green, Bosley, Bostock, Bostock Green, Boughton, Boughton Heath, Boults Green, Bowes Gate, Bradeley, Bradeley Green, Bradfield Green, Bradley, Bradley Green, Bradley Mount, Bradshaw, Bradwall, Bradwall Green, Brassey Green, Bratts Bank, Breech Moss, Brereton, Brereton Green, Brereton Park, Brickhouses, Bridge Trafford, Bridgemere, Brindley, Brindley Green, Brindley Lea, Brines Brow, Broad Hill, Broad Lane, Broadheath, Brockhurst, Broken Cross, Brook Place, Brookbank, Brookbottom, Brookhole, Brookhouse, Brookhouse Green, Brooklands, Broombank, Broomedge, Broomfield, Broomhall, Broomhill, Broomlands, Broomy Bank, Brown Edge, Brown Heath, Brown Knowl, Brown Low Heath, Brown Moss, Brownhill, Brownlow, Browns Bank, Brownslow, Broxton, Bruche, Bruen Stapleford, Bruera, Brunswick Hill, Bryn, Bucklow Hill, Buckoak, Budworth Heath, Buerton, Buglawton, Bulkeley, Bulkeley Hey, Bullhill, Bunbury, Bunbury Heath, Bunbury Locks, Bunsley Bank, Burford, Burland, Burley Dam, Burleyhurst, Burton, Burtonwood, Burwardsley, Butley, Butley Town, Butt Green, Butterbache, Butterley Heyes, Byley, Caldecot Green, Caldecott, Calrofold, Calveley, Capenhurst, Capesthorne, Carden, Carden Marsh, Carrwood, Carters Green, Cassia Green, Castle, Castle Hill, Castle Rise, Castleside, Castletown, Catsclough, Caughall, Chapel End, Charles Head, Cheaveley, Checkley Cum Wrinehill, Cheerbrook, Chelford, Chellshill, Cherry Hill, Cherry Tree, Cheshire Fields, Chester , Chester Castle, Chester Lane Brook, Chidlow, Childer Thornton, Cholmondeley, Cholmondeston, Chorley, Chorlton, Chorlton Lane, Chorlton-by-Backford, Chowley, Christleton, Church Bank, Church Coppenhall, Church Green, Church Hill, Church Lawton, Church Minshull, Church Shocklach, Churton by Aldford, Churton by Farndon, Churton Heath, Cinderhill, Cinnamon Brow, Ciss Green, Clannor Heath, Clark Green, Claverton, Clay Lanes, Clayhanger, Cledford, Cleulow Cross, Cliff Hill, Clifton, Clive, Clive Green, Clotton Common, Clotton Hoofield, Cloud Side, Clumber, Clutton, Cobbs, Cockhead, Cockmoss, Coddington, Cogshall, Cold Moss Heath, College Fields, Collins Green, Colshaw Heath, Comberbach, Combermere, Common Side, Commonside, Congleton, Congleton Edge, Cooksongreen, Coole Lane, Coole Pilate, Cophurst Knott, Coppenhall Moss, Coppiceside, Copthorne, Copyhold, Corbrook, Cote Brook, Cotton, Cotton Abbotts, Cotton Edmunds, Cottons Bridge, Coxbank, Crabtree Green, Crabwell, Crag, Cranage, Cranage Camp, Cranberry Moss, Cresswellshawe, Crewe, Crewe Green, Crewood, Croft, Crook of Dee, Cross Lanes, Cross O' Th' Hill, Cross Town, Croughton, Crow Wood, Crowley, Crowmere, Crows Nest, Crowton, Croxton, Croxton Green, Crumley Heath, Cuckoos Nest, Cuddington, Cuddington Green, Cuddington Heath, Cuerdley, Cuerdley Cross, Cuerdon, Culcheth, Culcheth and Glazebury, Curzon Park, Daisy Bank, Daisy Hill, Daleacre, Dalebrow, Dalefords, Dallam, Dane Bank, Dane in Shaw, Danebridge, Danes Moss, Dangerous Corner, Daresbury, Daresbury Delph, Darnall, Darnhall, Davenham, Davenport, Davenport Green, Day Green, Dean Green, Dean Row, Deanhill, Deansgreen, Dee (Crook of Dee, Dee Banks, Dee Hills Park, Delamere, Delamere Park, Den, Denhall, Dicklow Cob, Dingle Smithy, Disley, Ditton, Dodcott Cum Wilkesley, Doddington, Dodds Green, Dodleston, Doe Green, Donefields, Dones Green, Dorfold, Dowse Green, Drakelow, Drakelow Gorse, Dubthorn, Dubthorne, Duckington, Duddon, Duddon Common, Duddon Heath, Dudlows Green, Dukenfield, Dunham Heath, Dunham-on-the-Hill, Dunkirk, Dunsdale, Dutton, Eanley Wood, Eardswick, Earnshaw, East Elworth, Eaton, Eaton Bank, Eaves Brow, Ebnal, Eccleston, Eddisbury, Eddisbury Hill, Edge, Edge Green, Edgerley, Edleston, Egerton, Egg Bridge, Elm Grove, Elton, Elton Green, Englesea-Brook, Ethels Green, Ettiley Heath, Ettley Hill, Faddiley, Faddliley, Fallibroome, Fallows Cross, Fanshawe, Far Heath, Farndon, Farnworth, Fearnhead, Feldy Green, Fiddlers Ferry, Finlow Hill, Finney Green, Finney Hill, Firclose, Fishers Green, Five Ashes, Five Lane Ends, Fivecrosses, Flaxmere, Flookersbrook, Fol Hollow, Forge Fields, Foulk Stapleford, Four Lane Ends, Fourlanes End, Fowlers Bench, Fox Covert, Foxes Bank, Foxwist Green, Frandley, Freegreen, French Lane End, Frodsham, Frodsham Bridge, Frodsham Lordship, Frodsham Marsh, Fullers Moor, Fulshaw Park, Gadbrook, Gallantry Bank, Gallowsclough, Garden Lane, Gardenhurst, Gates Heath, Gatley Green, Gauntons Bank, Gavel Green, Gawsmoor Hill, Gawsworth, Gazebank, Gib Hill, Ginclough, Glazebrook, Gleadsmoss, Golborne Bellow, Golborne David, Golden Nook, Gonsley Green, Goodalls Corner, Goodiers Green, Goostrey, Gorsecroft, Gorsey Brow, Gorseybrow, Gorsley Green, Gorstage, Gorstella, Gorsthill, Gorstyhill, Gosland Green, Gradbach, Gradeley Green, Grafton, Grandford, Grandsires Green, Grange View, Grappenhall and Thelwall, Grappenhall Heys, Gravel Hill, Greasley, Great Barrow, Great Boughton, Great Budworth, Great Mollington, Great Sankey, Great Saughall, Great Sutton, Great Warford, Green Croft, Green Hill, Greenbank, Greenbank Estate, Greendale, Greenlooms, Gresty Green, Greystone Heath, Grimsditch, Guilden Sutton, Gurnett, Hack Green, Hadlow, Hale, Hall Green, Halliwells Brow, Hallowsgate, Halton Brook, Halton Moss, Hamletts Hollow, Hampton, Hampton Green, Hampton Heath, Hand Green, Handbridge, Handforth, Handley, Hankelow, Hankins Heys, Hapsford, Harden Park, Hardings Bank, Hardygreen, Harebarrow, Harehill, Hargrave, Harrop, Harrop Green, Hart Hill Bank, Hartford, Hartford Hill, Hartfordbeach, Harthill, Haslington, Hassall, Hassall Green, Hatchmere, Hatherton, Hatton, Hatton Heath, Haughton, Haughton Moss, Havannah, Haymoor Green, Hazelshaw, Heath Bank, Heath Green, Heatley, Heatley Heath, Hebden Green, Hedgerow, Helsby, Henbury, Henhull, Henshaw Green, Hermitage Green, Heron Bridge, Hetherson, Hetherson Green, Hibbert Brow, High Billinge, High Legh, Higher Burwardsley, Higher Carden, Higher Disley, Higher Hurdsfield, Higher Runcorn, Higher Shurlach, Higher Walton, Higher Whitley, Higher Works, Higher Wych, Higherfence, Highfields, Hightown, Highwayside, Hillcliffe, Hilltop, Hinderton, Hindheath, Hobbhill, Hockenhull, Hockley, Hodgehill, Hogshead Green, Holford, Hollin Green, Hollinfare, Hollingreen, Hollingsworth Smithy, Hollinlane, Hollins Green, Hollins Hill, Hollins Lane, Hollinsgreen, Hollowmoor Heath, Hollyhurst, Holmes Chapel, Holtridge, Hooe Green, Hoole, Hoole Bank, Hoole Park, Hoole Village, Hoolgrave, Hooton, Hooton Green, Hooton Park, Hope Green, Horse Green, Horton, Horton Cum Peel, Hough, Hough Common, Hough Green, Houghton, Houghton Green, Houndslough, Howbeck Bank, Howley, Hulme, Hulme Walfield, Hulse Heath, Hulseheath, Hunsterson, Hunsterson Four Lane End, Hunterspool, Huntington, Hurdsfield, Hurleston, Husseys Nook, Huxley, Iddinshall, Illidge Green, Ince, Ingersley Vale, Iron Bridge, Irondish, Jacksons Edge, Jarmin, Jodrellbank, Keckwick, Kell Green, Kelsall, Kelsall Hill, Kent Green, Kents Green, Kermincham, Kerridge, Kerridge End, Kettleshulme, Key Green, Keysbrook, Kidnall, Kiln Hill, Kilnhouses, Kinderton, Kings Marsh, Kingsley, Kingswood, Kingswood Green, Kinsey Heath, Kirkleyditch, Kirkleyditch Common, Knolls Green, Knutsford, Lach Dennis, Lache Park, Lacy Green, Lamaload, Lane End, Lane Ends, Lanehouse, Langley, Larden Green, Larkton, Latchford, Latchford Without, Lawton Heath, Lawton Heath End, Lawton-Gate, Lea, Lea Forge, Lea Newbold, Lea-by-Backford, Leahead, Ledsham, Lee Green, Leese, Leftwich, Leftwich Green, Leighton, Lightalders, Lightwood Green, Lindow End, Lindow Moss, Lingley Green, Linley, Linmer, Little Barrow, Little Bollington, Little Budworth, Little Green, Little Heath, Little Heatley, Little Leigh, Little Moss, Little Neston, Little Saughall, Little Shawcroft, Little Stanney, Little Sutton, Little Town, Little Warford, Littler, Littleton, Loachbrook, Long Green, Longford, Longhill, Longmoss, Lordsfields, Lostock, Lostock Gralam, Lostock Green, Lowcross Hill, Lower Carden, Lower Feldy Green, Lower Green, Lower Heath, Lower Kinnerton, Lower Peover, Lower Pexall, Lower Shurlach, Lower Stretton, Lower Walton, Lower Whitley, Lower Withington, Lower Works, Lower Wych, Lowerhouse, Luddington Hill, Lugsdale, Lumb Brook, Lunts Heath, Lyme Green, Lyme Handley, Lymm, Macclesfield, Macclesfield Forest, Macclesfield Forest and Wildbo, Macefen, Malkins Bank, Malpas, Manley, Manor Park, Marbury Cum Quoisley, Marley Green, Marlheath, Marlston Cum Lache, Marsh Green, Marshfield, Marshfield Bank, Marston, Marthall, Martins Moss, Martinscroft, Marton, Marton Green, Maw Green, Meadow Bank, Meadowbank, Medhurst Green, Mere, Mere Heath, Mere Platt, Merrills Bridge, Mickle Trafford, Middlecale, Middleton, Middlewich, Middlewood, Midway, Mill Hill, Mill House Brow, Millington, Milners Heath, Milton Brook, Milton Green, Minnend, Minshull Hill, Minshull Vernon, Mitchell Fold, Mobberley, Moblake, Mode Hill, Mollington, Monks Heath, Moore, Mooresbarrow Cum Parme, Moorfields, Moorside, Moreton Cum Alcumlow, Morley, Morley Bridge, Morley Green, Morris Oak, Moss Bank, Moss Croft, Moss End, Moss Estate, Moss Houses, Moss Lane, Moss Side, Mossend, Mossley Moss, Moston, Moston Green, Mottram St Andrew, Mouldsworth, Moulton, Mount Pleasant, Mountpleasant, Mow Cop, Mowpen Brow, Mutlow, Nab End, Nantwich, Needhams Bank, Ness, Nessholt, Neston, Nether Alderley, Nether Peover, Netherpool, Netherton, New Houses, New Lane End, New Mills, New Pale, Newall, Newbold Astbury, Newchurch, Newchurch Hall, Newhall, Newsbank, Newton, Newton Bank, Newton by Frodsham, Newton by Malpas, Newton by Tattenhall, Newton Heath, Newton-by-Chester, Newtonia, Newtown, No Mans Heath, Norbury, Norbury Common, Norcott Brook, Norley, North Rode, Northwich, Norton, Norton Crossings, Nova Scotia, Nunsmere, Oakgrove, Oakhanger, Oakmere, Oat Hill, Occlestone Green, Odd Rode, Old House Green, Old Moss, Old Pale, Oldcastle, Oldcastle Heath, Ollerton, Onston, Orford, Organsdale, Oscroft, Oughtrington, Oulton Park, Oultonlowe Green, Over, Over Alderley, Over Knutsford, Over Tabley, Overpool, Oversley, Oversleyford, Overton, Overton Green, Owley Wood, Oxheys, Paddington, Paddockhill, Padgate, Par Green, Paradise Green, Park Estate, Parkgate, Parme, Parrah Green, Peckforton, Pedley Fold, Pedleyhill, Penders End, Penketh, Pennsylvania, Peover Inferior, Peover Superior, Petre Bank, Petty Pool, Pickerings O' the Boat, Pickmere, Picton, Picton Gorse, Pikelow, Pillmoss, Pinsley Green, Pipers Ash, Pitchleys Hollow, Platts Rough, Plattwood, Plemstall, Plovers Moss, Plumley, Plungebrook, Polelane Ends, Pontoon, Pool End, Poole, Poolehill, Porters Hill, Pott Brook, Pott Shrigley, Poulton, Poulton-With-Fearnhead, Pownall, Poynton-With-Worth, Prestbury, Preston Brook, Preston on the Hill, Primrose Bank, Primrose Hill, Primrose Vale, Primrosebank, Prince Hill, Priors Heys, Pudding Lake, Puddington, Puddle Bank, Pulford, Puseydale, Quarry Bank, Queens Park, Raby Park, Radmore Green, Radnor, Radway Green, Rainow, Rainowlow, Randilow, Ravelstone, Ravens Bank, Ravensclough, Ravenscroft, Ravensmoor, Rease Heath, Red Brow, Red Bull, Reddish, Redesmere, Redmoor Brow, Reedgate, Rhuddall, Riddings, Ridge Hill, Ridley, Rilshaw, Risley, Rivacre, Rixton-With-Glazebrook, Rock Savage, Rode Heath, Roe Park, Rood Hill, Rookery, Rookery Bridge, Rope, Rosebank, Rostherne, Rough Low, Roughhill, Roughwood, Row-of-Trees, Rowley Bank, Rowley Hill, Rowlinsons Green, Rowton, Rowton Bridge, Rowton Moor, Royals Green, Rudheath, Rue Moss, Ruloe, Rulow, Runcorn, Runcorn Heath, Rushgreen, Rushton, Saighton, Saighton Camp, Salesbrook, Saltersford, Saltersley, Salterswall, Sandbach, Sandbach Heath, Sandford, Sandiway Bank, Sandlebridge, Sandlow Green, Sandybrow, Sankey Bridges, Saughall, Scholar Green, School Green, Sculshaw, Sealand, Senna Green, Seven Lows, Seven Stars, Sevenoaks, Shady Oak, Shadygrove, Shavington Cum Gresty, Shaw Cross, Shawgreen, Shawheath, Shellow, Sheppenhall, Shipbrook, Shipbrookhill, Shocklach Green, Shocklach Oviatt, Shoresgreen, Shotwick, Shotwick Park, Shrewbridge, Shurlach, Shutley Common, Sibbersfield, Siddalls Hill, Siddington, Silver Bank, Simmonds Green, Simmonds Hill, Simms Cross, Skellorn Green, Slaughter Hill, Smallwood, Smeaton Wood, Smethwick Green, Smiths Green, Smiths Green, Smithy Bank, Smithy Brow, Smithy Green, Snape, Snelson, Snidley Moor, Snow Hill, Somerford, Somerford Booths, Soss Moss, Sound, Sound Common, South Bank, Spen Green, Spen Moss, Spital, Spode Green, Sponds, Springbank, Springfield, Sproston, Sproston Green, Spurstow, Stages Platt, Stamford Bridge, Stamford Heath, Stanner, Stanney, Stanneyland, Stanthorne, Stapeley, Statham, Stenhills, Stoak, Stockham, Stockley, Stocks Hill, Stockton, Stockton Heath, Stoke, Stone Chair, Stoneley Green, Stonyford, Stowford, Strawberry, Stretton, Strines, Stublach, Stud Green, Styal, Styeheath, Styperson, Sudlow, Sunnyside, Sutton, Sutton Green, Sutton Lane Ends, Sutton Weaver, Swan Green, Swanbach, Swanley, Swanlow, Swanscoe, Swanwick Green, Swettenham, Sworton Heath, Sydney, Symondley, Tabley Brook, Tabley Hill, Tabley Inferior, Tabley Superior, Tabley Vale, Tarporley, Tarvin, Tarvin Bridge, Tarvin Sands, Tattenhall, Tatton, Tetton, Teuthill, The Bank, The Barony, The Bars, The Bongs, The Cobbs, The Craxton, The Crosslooms, The Dale, The Dell, The Dighills, The Grange, The Heald, The Hurst, The Marsh, The Moss, The Pegg, The Pool, The Rowe, The Ryleys, The Slack, The Soughans, The Valley, The Yeld, Thelwall, Thornton Green, Thornton-le-Moors, Thornycroft, Threapwood, Three Wells, Thurlwood, Tidnock, Tilston, Tilston Green, Tilstone Bank, Tilstone Fearnall, Timbersbrook, Tipping Brow, Tirley, Tiverton, Toddbrook, Toft, Top O' Th' Hill, Tottys Hall, Tower Hill, Town Fields, Townfield Lands, Towns Green, Townsend, Trafford Bridge, Trap Street, Tunnel Top, Turner Heath, Tushingham Cum Grindley, Twemlow, Twiss Green, Two Mills, Tytherington, Unwin Pool, Upton, Upton Heath, Upton-by-Chester, Utkinton, Vardentown, Vauxhall, Verona, Vicars Cross, Victoria, Wadebrook, Wades Green, Waggonshaw Brow, Walgherton, Walker Barn, Walkers Green, Walkers Heath, Walleys Green, Wallhill, Walton, Walton Inferior, Walton Superior, Wardle, Wardle Bank, Wards End, Warmingham, Warren, Warrington, Waterloo, Waverton, Ways Green, Weaver, Weaver Bank, Weaverham, Weetwood, Weetwood Common, Wells Green, Welsh Row, Welshmens Green, Wervin, West Bank, West End, West Heath, West View, Westfield, Westminster Park, Weston, Weston Point, Wetreins Green, Wettenhall, Wharton, Whartons Lake, Wheel Green, Wheelock Heath, Whirley, Whisterfield, Whitbyheath, Whitecroft Heath, Whitefields Cross, Whitegate and Marton, Whiteley Green, Whitemoor, Whitley, Whittakers Green, Wicksted, Widboarclough, Widnes, Wigans Lake, Wigland, Wigshaw, Wildboarclough, Wilderspool, Willaston, Willeymoor, Willington, Willington Corner, Willow Green, Willow Hill, Wilmslow, Wimbolds Trafford, Wimboldsley, Wincham, Wincle, Windle Hill, Windyharbour, Winnington, Winsford, Winterbottom, Winterley, Winwick, Wirswall, Wistaston, Wistaston Green, Withenlee, Withington, Withington Green, Witney, Witton, Witton Park, Wolverham, Wood Lane, Woodbank, Woodend, Woodhey Green, Woodhouse, Woodhouse End, Woodhouses, Woodside, Woodworth Green, Woolfall, Woolstanwood, Woolston, Worleston, Wornish Nook, Wrenbury Cum Frith, Wrenbury Heath, Wrenburywood, Wrexham Bridge, Wrights Green, Wybersley, Wybunbury, Wyche House Bank, Wychough, Yarnshaw Hill, Yarrangall Green, Yarwood Heath, Yatehouse Green, Yearnslow

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