New Zealand at Autumn Equinox Time

Light, snow and heat

A time for reflection perhaps?
Wellington SunsetWhen we lived in Wellington during the autumn equinox, we were treated to stormy weather and some magnificent sunsets.Southern Alps early snowIt may stay mild up on 90 Mile beach, but in the Southern Alps preparations are underway for another season of winter sports.
Rainforest in Fjiordland National Park
The islands of Aotearoa stretch over 10° of latitude so it is not surprising that there are significant variations of light and heat. One fascinating aspect of New Zealand is the mostly evergreen native flora. The temperate rainforests look lush, but when we passed through them on the way to Milford Sound in late autumn, the deep, damp cold came as quite a shock. In contrast, a day later, we sat in the sun above a glacier without jackets, hats or gloves! When the night skies are clear this is a wonderful time of year for viewing the Milky Way in all its beauty while Sirius, the brightest star, makes its winter visit to the south.

Text and all photos courtesy of Anna Monks

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