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Main facts about London
  • London is the capital city ofEngland and the United Kingdom (UK).
  • It is UK's most populous city. According to the latest UK Census, in 2011, London population had gone over eight million, but current estimates suggest further increase, surpassing 8.5 million inhabitants.
  • That means that London has not yet reached the contingent ofmega-cities, with over 10 million inhabitants.
  • Despite being such a huge urban hive, there is always a good way of finding one's way around in terms of public transport.
  • One of London's boroughs, Greenwich, is the famous home of the Prime Meridian. Read more about World Time and 0 degrees Longitude.
  • London is a fascinating world city, make time for a visit to Museum of London and scroll down for a raincheck!
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Currency in UK: British pound (GBP)/Sterling

Exchange rate of Pound Sterling (GBP) to other major currencies

Public Holidays - 2020
01/01/2020New Year's Day
04/10/2020Good Friday
05/08/2020Early May Bank Holiday
05/25/2020Spring Bank Holiday
12/25/2020Christmas Day
12/28/2020Boxing Day

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