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World Time Zones

Definition of Time Zones

A time zone item specifies an international time zone, indicated by a small set of letters.

Military time zone designations use a single letter (except j).  Zulu Time (z) is Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

Here are the most common standard-time time zones, indexed by the zone hour value.


Time Zone Abbreviation Examples


-0:00 GMT = Greenwich Mean Time
UT or UTC for Universal (Coordinated) Time
WET for Western European Time

Time Zones East of Greenwich


Time Zone Abbreviation Examples


GMT+1 CET = Central European Time
WAT = West Africa Time (e.g Algeria)

A GMT+2 EET = Eastern European Time, USZ1 = Kaliningrad Time B GMT+3 MSK = Moscow Time, EAT = East Africa Time (e.g.Kenya) C GMT+4 SMT = Samara Time, AMT = Armenia Time, AZT = Azerbaidjan Time, GET = Georgia Time, MUT = Mauritius Time D GMT+5 PKT = Pakistan Standard Time, YEKT = Yekaterinburg Time, MVT = Maldives Time E GMT+6 OMSK = Omsk Time, BST = Bangladesh Standard Time F GMT+7 CXT = Christmas Island Time (Australia), KRAT = Krasnoyarsk Time, G GMT+8 CST = China Standard Time IRKT = Irkutsk Time
AWST = Australian Western Standard Time
WST = Western Standard Time (Australia) H GMT+9 JST = Japan Standard Time , YAKT = Yakutsk Time I GMT+10 EAST = East Australian Standard Time
EST = Eastern Standard Time (Australia)
VLAT = Vladivostok Time K GMT+11 SAKT = Sakhalin Time
L GMT+12 IDLE = International Date Line East
NZST = New Zealand Standard Time
NZT = New Zealand Time MAGT = Magadan Time M

Time Zones West of Greenwich


Time Zone Abbreviations


GMT-1 WAT = West Africa Time N
GMT-2 AT = Azores Time O
GMT-3 ART = Argentina Time P
GMT-4 AST = Atlantic Standard Time (Canada) Q
GMT-5 EST = Eastern Standard Time (USA & Canada) R
GMT-6 CST = Central Standard Time (USA & Canada) S
GMT-7 MST = Mountain Standard Time (USA & Canada) T
GMT-8 PST = Pacific Standard Time (USA & Canada) U
GMT-9 AKST Alaska Standard Time (USA)
YST = Yukon Standard Time (Canada)
GMT-10 HST = Hawaii Standard Time
HAST Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time (USA)
AHST = Alaska-Hawaii Standard Time (obs)
CAT = Central Alaska Time
GMT-11 NT = Nome Time X
GMT-12 IDLW = International Date Line West Y

Here are many Daylight Saving Time (DST) time zones, indexed by the zone hour value.


Time Zone Abbreviations


GMT-3 ADT = Atlantic Daylight Time (Canada) P
GMT-4 EDT = Eastern Daylight Time (USA & Canada) Q
GMT-5 CDT = Central Daylight Time (USA & Canada) R
GMT-6 MDT = Mountain Daylight Time (USA & Canada) S
GMT-7 PDT = Pacific Daylight Time (USA & Canada) T
GMT-8 AKDT = Alaska Daylight Time (USA)
YDT = Yukon Daylight Time (Canada)
HADT = HawaiiGMT-Aleutian Daylight Time (USA)
GMT-9 HDT = Hawaii Daylight Time (USA) V

Time Zone Abbreviations


GMT+1 BST = British Summer Time (UK)
IST = Irish Summer Time (Ireland)
WEDT = Western European Daylight Time
WEST Western European Summer Time
GMT+2 CEDT = Central European Daylight Time
CEST = Central European Summer Time
MEST = Middle European Summer Time
MESZ = Middle European Summer Time
GMT+3 EEDT = Eastern European Daylight Time
EEST Eastern European Summer Time
GMT+8 WADT = West Australian Daylight Time H
GMT+11 EADT = Eastern Australian Daylight Time
EST = Eastern Summer (Daylight) Time (Australia)
GMT+13 NZDT = New Zealand Daylight Time M*

French Time Zone Abbreviations

HAA = Heure Avancée de l'Atlantique GMT-3
HAC = Heure Avancée du Centre GMT-5
HAE = Heure Avancée de l'Est GMT-4
HAP = Heure Avancée du Pacifique GMT-7
HAR = Heure Avancée des Rocheuses GMT-6
HAT = Heure Avancée de Terre-Neuve GMT-2:30
HAY = Heure Avancée du Yukon GMT-8
HNA = Heure Normale de l'Atlantique GMT-4
HNC = Heure Normale du Centre GMT-6
HNE = Heure Normale de l'Est GMT-5
HNP = Heure Normale du Pacifique GMT-8
HNR = Heure Normale des Rocheuses GMT-7
HNT = Heure Normale de Terre-Neuve GMT-3:30
HNY = Heure Normale du Yukon GMT-9

German Time Zone Abbreviations

MESZ = Mitteleuropäische Sommerzeit GMT+2
MEZ = Mitteleuropäische Zeit GMT+1

Non-standard Time Zones

ACDT Australian Central Daylight Time Australia GMT+10:30
ACST Australian Central Standard Time Australia GMT+9:30

CST Central Summer (Daylight) Time Australia GMT+10:30
CST Central Standard Time Australia GMT+9:30

IST = India Standard Time GMT+5:30

NDT Newfoundland Daylight Time (Canada) GMT-2:30
NFT Norfolk (Island) Time (Australia) GMT+11:30
NST Newfoundland Standard Time (Canada) GMT-3:30

Military Time Zones

The hourly zones are used by the military are referred to by a letter of the alphabet (or their phonetic equivalent).

The letter J is not used.

The other 25 letters cover the 12 time zones to the east of Greenwich and the 12 time zones to the west of Greenwich.  The 25th zone is Z (Zulu) for GMT / UTC.

A - M are for time zones to the East of Greenwich
N - Y are for time zones to the West of Greenwich.

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