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Greenland is the largest island on Earth. The country forms part of the North American continent. From Cape Farewell in the south to the world's northernmost landmass, Odak Island, there is a distance of 2,670 kilometres (1,669 miles).

Measured across, the island stretches 1,050 kilometres at its widest point. Out of Greenland's 2,175,600 square kilometres, 1,833,900 are covered by inland ice, corresponding to 85% of the country – the ice-free area only covers a total of 341,700 square kilometres.

The northern location and extensive width of the northernmost part of Greenland places it in four time zones. For practical reasons, however, GMT -3 is used as the country's official time. Summer time (daylight saving time) and winter time follow the European Union system.

What is the current time in Greenland?

Central Greenland: Godthab / Nuuk

Greenland Standard Time: GMT-3

Greenland Summer (Daylight Saving) Time: GMT-2

European Standard Time Date schedule

European clocks are now on


When do clocks next change in Europe?

  • Daylight saving will start: Sunday 26 March 2017  01:00 GMT. Clocks go forward one hour.

UK and Europe Clock Change Rules

Other Time Zones in Greenland

Greenland - Danmarkshavn Area

Danmarkshavn Area means a small area in the northeast including Germania Land and Store Koldewey Island.

Standard Time: GMT (all year)

East Greenland - Ittoqqortoormiit / Scoresbysund

Ittoqqortoormiit Area essentially means the peninsula on the east coast of Greenland that includes Scoresby Land, Jameson Land, and Liverpool Land.

Standard Time: GMT-1

Summer Time: GMT

West Greenland - Qaanaaq / Thule / Pituffik air base

Pituffik Area means the Hayes Peninsula, roughly from Savissivik to Etah, including Dundas and Thule.

Standard Time: GMT-4

No Summer Time

Greenland has 4 Standard Time zones:

  • East Greenland / Scoresbysund is one one behind Greenwich Mean Time ( GMT-1 ).  It conforms to EU Daylight saving Time rules when the time is Greenwich Mean Time ( GMT ).

  • Central Greenland (Greenland Time)  Godthab / Nuuk is 3 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time ( GMT-3 ).  It conforms to EU Daylight saving Time rules when the time is 2 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time ( GMT-2 )

  • W Greenland / Thule / Pituffik air base which is 4 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time ( GMT-4 ).  No Daylight saving Time is observed.

  • Danmarkshavn operates GMT all year round

Danish Name Inuit Name
Dundas Pituffik
Thule Qaanaaq
Scoresbysund Ittoqqortoormiit
Constable Pynt Nerlerit Inaat
Godthåb Nuuk

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