The Clock City Story

How our first Timepiece Was Born

As seconds go by, cities move up the time scale

End of December 2015. Gift exchange days and party mood. Family, friends, ourselves. How about all the people who come to GreenwichMeanTime.com to check the Current time and see what the time is in this or that part of the world?

What might our visitors enjoy? It did not take long to decide on the theme. It had to be New Year related, as we approached the last day of 2015, the hours, minutes, seconds ticking away to 2016 and its first page in the calendar. It was to be a timepiece, one allowing anyone arriving at the site a chance to view the turn of the year from different time zones.

We wanted it to be a proper experience: watching the time go by in New York while in Sydney 2016 had already started.

Or simply being in London and imagining how Los Angeles was still gearing up for the big switch to a New Year.

All of the above without any need for a time zone converter, no clicking on your computer keys or fiddling with the touch screen on your smartphone.

This is how New Year Clock was born. It was up for the big night, in the colours of the solar spectrum and then it became Clock City.

You can save it as web app, so that if any point in time you feel like diving into world time and watch it travel across several cities, it is there for you to use.

Enjoy and let us know what you think using the feedback form at the bottom of this page.

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