EU Daylight Saving Time (DST) Rules

Historical clocks change dates in Europe

Countries in each European time zone

EU Summer Time (Daylight Saving Time) rules, currently observed

  • Start: Last Sunday in March
  • End: Last Sunday in October
  • Time: 1.00 am (01:00) UTC/ GMT - clocks change, go forward one hour in spring and back one hour in autumn (fall)
  • NB

    UK is no longer an EU member and has not yet announced any changes in its Daylight Saving Time timetable. In the United Kingdom DST is called British Summer Time (BST)

EU clock change dates 2013-2022

Europe - Standard Time Zones

Most European countries currently follow EU directives for time-keeping

There are three different time zones across the EU:

Western Europe Time (Standard Time = GMT)

EU members: Ireland, Portugal

non-EU: UK

Central Europe Time (Standard Time = GMT+1)

Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Spain, France, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, The Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden

Non-EU: Norway, Switzerland

Eastern Europe Time (Standard Time = GMT + 2)

Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania

Non-EU: Moldova, Ukraine

Latest on proposal to stop clock changes in the EU

The European Union and its member states are currentlt reviewing the clock change regime, following a proposal by the European Commission.

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