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Time Zones: Asiatic Russia

Time Zones in Russia - Asia

Non-European Russia (East of the Urals) spans time zones from GMT+4 to GMT+12.

Daylight Saving Time is not observed in Russia.

Russia Time Zone 02: Moscow Time

Moscow Time: Clock showing current local time now in Moscow (Russia Time Zone 2) MSK

Current time clock Moscow Time (opens in new window)

Russia Time Zone 03: Samara / Izhevsk = Moscow Time +1
> Moscow Time from 28 March 2010

Samara Standard Time: GMT+4

Russia Time Zone 04: Yekaterinburg / Perm = Moscow Time +2

Yekaterinburg Standard Time: GMT+5

Russia Time Zone 05: Novosibirsk / Omsk = Moscow Time +3

Omsk Standard Time: GMT+6

Russia Time Zone 06: Krasnoyarsk / Tomsk = Moscow Time +4

Krasnoyarsk Standard Time: GMT+7

Russia Time Zone 07: Irkutsk / Ulan-Ude = Moscow Time +5

Irkutsk Standard Time: GMT+8

Russia Time Zone 08: Chita / Yakutsk = Moscow Time +6

Yakutsk Standard Time: GMT+9

Russia Time Zone 09: Vladivostok / Khabarovsk = Moscow Time +7

Vladivostok Standard Time: GMT+10

Russia Time Zone 10 Magadan / Kolyma = Moscow Time +8

Srednekolymsk Standard Time: GMT+11

Russia Time Zone 11: Kamchatka / Anadyr = Moscow Time +9
> Magadan from 28 March 2010

Kamchatka Standard Time: GMT+12

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