British Summer Time (BST) Dates

Start and end of Daylight Saving Time in the UK

Check a particular year for historical or future BST dates

When BST starts, at 01:00 GMT - clocks go forward one hour. When BST ends, clocks go back one hour to GMT

BST yearly dates 2021-2030

BST yearly dates 2011-2020

BST yearly dates 2001-2010

BST yearly dates 1991-2000

BST yearly dates 1981-1990

BST yearly dates 1971-1980 (All year-BST ends in 1971)

BST and the British Experiment

All-year British Summer Time (BST) was in force from February 1968 until October 1971.

Read more about the "British Experiment" and the history of BST in this article.

BST yearly dates 1961-1970 (All year-BST started in 1968)

BST yearly dates 1950-1960

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