Major EU Cities

Largest cities in the European Union

EU time zones and Daylight Saving

WET (Western European)CET (Central European)EET (Eastern European)

Largest cities in EU member states, click on a city to view current local time

Austria (/time) AustriaLatvia (/time) Latvia
Belgium (/time) BelgiumLithuania (/time) Lithuania
Bulgaria BulgariaLuxembourg (/time) Luxembourg
Cyprus (/time) CyprusMalta (/time) Malta
Croatia CroatiaThe Netherlands Netherlands
the Czech Republic Czech RepublicPoland (/time) Poland
Denmark (/time) DenmarkPortugal (/time)
Estonia (/time) EstoniaRomania Romania
Finland (/time) FinlandSlovakia (/time) Slovakia
France (/time) FranceSlovenia (/time) Slovenia
Germany (/time) GermanySpain (/time) Spain
Greece (/time) GreeceSweden (/time) Sweden
Hungary (/time) HungaryIreland (Irish Republic) (/time) Ireland
Italy (/time) Italy

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