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Abbreviation Name GMTย offset
AFT Afghanistan Time GMT+4:30
ALMT Alma-Ata Time GMT+6
AMST Armenia Summer Time GMT+5
AMT Armenia Time GMT+4
ANAST Anadyr Summer Time GMT+12
ANAT Anadyr Time GMT+12
AQTT Aqtobe Time GMT+5
AST Arabia Standard Time GMT+3
AZST Azerbaijan Summer Time GMT+5
AZT Azerbaijan Time GMT+4
BNT Brunei Darussalam Time GMT+8
BST Bangladesh Standard Time GMT+6
BTT Bhutan Time GMT+6
CST China Standard Time GMT+8
EEST Eastern European Summer Time GMT+3
EET Eastern European Time GMT+2
GET Georgia Standard Time GMT+4
GST Gulf Standard Time GMT+4
HKT Hong Kong Time GMT+8
HOVT Hovd Time GMT+7
ICT Indochina Time GMT+7
IDT Israel Daylight Time GMT+3
IRDT Iran Daylight Time GMT+4:30
IRKST Irkutsk Summer Time GMT+9
IRKT Irkutsk Time GMT+9
IRST Iran Standard Time GMT+3:30
IST India Standard Time GMT+5:30
IST Israel Standard Time GMT+2
JST Japan Standard Time GMT+9
KGT Kyrgyzstan Time GMT+6
KRAST Krasnoyarsk Summer Time GMT+8
KRAT Krasnoyarsk Time GMT+8
KST Korea Standard Time GMT+9
MAGST Magadan Summer Time GMT+12
MAGT Magadan Time GMT+12
MMT Myanmar Time GMT+6:30
MVT Maldives Time GMT+5
MYT Malaysia Time GMT+8
NOVST Novosibirsk Summer Time GMT+7
NOVT Novosibirsk Time GMT+6
NPT Nepal Time GMT+5:45
OMSST Omsk Summer Time GMT+7
OMST Omsk Standard Time GMT+7
PETST Kamchatka Summer Time GMT+12
PETT Kamchatka Time GMT+12
PHT Philippines Time GMT+8
PKT Pakistan Standard Time GMT+5
SGT Singapore Time GMT+8
TJT Tajikistan Time GMT+5
TLT East Timor Time GMT+9
TMT Turkmenistan Time GMT+5
ULAT Ulaanbaatar Time GMT+8
UZT Uzbekistan Time GMT+5
VLAST Vladivostok Summer Time GMT+11
VLAT Vladivostok Time GMT+11
WIB Western Indonesian Time GMT+7
WIT Eastern Indonesian Time GMT+9
WITA Central Indonesian Time GMT+8
YAKST Yakutsk Summer Time GMT+10
YAKT Yakutsk Time GMT+10
YEKST Yekaterinburg Summer Time GMT+6
YEKT Yekaterinburg Time GMT+6

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