Falkland Islands

Full Name: Falkland Islands

British Overseas Territory

Falkland Islands flag

Capital city: Stanley

Approximate Area of Falkland Islands: 4,700 square miles  (12,200 km²)

Region: Americas

Sub region: South America

Current Time in Falkland Islands Time Zones

TZStanley8:51 AM -03:0008/02TZGMT11:51 AM +00:0008/02
11:50 am
12:00 | 12:00

Falkland Islander Currency

Map of Falkland Islands

Latitude and Longitude: 51º 45′ 0.00″ S, 59º 0′ 0.00″ W

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Falkland Islands Public Holidays - 2021
01/01/2021New Year's Day
04/02/2021Good Friday
04/21/2021Queen's Birthday
06/14/2021Liberation Day
10/04/2021Peat Cutting Monday
12/08/2021Battle Day
12/25/2021Christmas Day
12/26/2021Boxing Day
12/27/2021Christmas Holiday